Digital Marketing Check List for Business


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On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Keywords in Title Tag.
  • The title tag starts with the keyword.
  • Modifiers for long-tail rankings in Title Tag.
  • Keywords in URLs.
  • No stop words in URLs.
  • H1 as the title tag.
  • H2 as subtitle tags.
  • The primary keyword appears in the first paragraph of the content.
  • The website should be responsive for mobiles and other devices.
  • 2-3 internal links should be there.
  • Include high-quality external links in the webpage.
  • Relevant images should be there on the page or blog.
  • Keyword should be there in ALT tags & filenames of the images.
  • A buyer persona should be the basis for the topic and keywords.
  • Try to have at least 500 words in the content.
  • Avoid grammar or spelling errors.
  • Main keyword synonyms should be there in the content.
  • Have the original content and it should be relevant to the users.
  • The page should load fast.
  • No broken links on the page.
Keyword Research
  • Google Suggest
  • Uber Suggest
  • Google Related Searches
  • Reddit Trends
  • Quora Trends
Speed up Your Website for a Better User Experience
  • Compress Images
  • Resize Images
  • Gzip Compression
  • Minify HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Add Expires Headers
Publish New Content
  • Include synonyms of the keywords in the content in possible manner so that it should not look out of the box there.
  • Media Embed — video or presentation
  • Downloadable file — PDF guides or template docs
  • 3+ external links
  • 3+ internal links
  • Grammar and spelling check should be done before publishing
  • Content title or headings
  • Share to social media option in the content
  • Keyword research before writing the blog post
  • CTAs in the content
  • Publish date of the post should be visible
  • Include the primary keywords in the H1 tag
  • Main keywords in the page title
  • Page title should not exceed 60 characters
  • Main keywords at the beginning of the page title
  • Keywords in the page descriptions and meta descriptions
  • Page description should not exceed 200 characters
  • Headings should have main keywords
  • Use LSI keywords
  • LSI keywords should be used in the page body, content, and heading tags
  • Shorten URL for the post with keywords
  • Don’t include stop words in the URL
  • WordPress SEO choose only one category
  • Use a maximum of 10 tags per post
  • Include an image or creative in start of the blog content
  • Keywords in the image alt tag
Writing Articles on Medium
  • Your story or idea – Talk about it in your post naturally.
  • Write an attractive HEADLINE for Your Story.
  • Beautiful COVER IMAGE to boost CTRs.
  • Direct selling should not be there.
  • On medium the content should not be focussed on keywords, rather it should be there with the idea or story you want to tell.
  • Use proper grammar and avoid spelling errors.
  • CLEAR FORMATTING, whitespace, headings, sub-headings, and short paragraphs.
  • Use IMAGES — Photos, GIFs, memes, sketches to represent your stories and ideas.
  • 5 RELEVANT TAGS should be included.
  • 7 Minutes read will be favorable.
Content Marketing Tips
  • A/B test for headlines.
  • Add a click to share on social media to increase the reach of content.
  • A/B test share button visibility.
  • User-friendly CTAs in the Content pop-ups.
  • Make your content engageable.
  • Do Guest blogging.
  • Utilize old content.
  • Schedule on multiple timings to cover different timezones.
Use old content
  • Convert slides to video.
  • Blogs to ebook.
  • Blogs to video.
  • Post on LinkedIn Pulse.
  • A blog to article.
  • Blogs to Podcast.
  • Ebook to the podcast.
  • A blog to SlideShare presentations.
Other Content Platforms
  • Quora Blogs.
  • Drupal.
  • LinkedIn Publisher.
  • Facebook Groups.
  • Blogspot Article Websites like eZine Articles.
LinkedIn B2B Strategy
  • External and internal content – Both are Important.
  • Find the right posting timings.
  • Posts from the company’s blog.
  • Share the content from the perspective of the platforms.
  • Share links to eBooks, Case Studies & White Papers.
  • Share your blogs & articles on LinkedIn.
  • Show client testimonials and success stories.
  • Promote videos.
  • Boost your posts.