Hello guys! In the previous post we mentioned above the SERP, today we will know what is email marketing and what happens to email marketing. After all what we need it. If you want to start a new blogger or a new online business, then what benefits can you get from email marketing? We will get it today in this post.


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing directly means marketing your products or services using email or via email. That is, show market marketing is an online / digital marketing.

Email marketing is a process through which we are transporting information to our products through email. Email marketing is a form of digital marketing. Let’s explain this through an example.

Takes you to be a hosting company and you have many customer’s emails address. You have to give new updates to your customers about new offers, hosting updates. Or, something new has added to your company. So you send e-tech emails to many customers at one go, this is called email marketing. So that you do not face any problems, all the customers know about your updates in one click and you get traffic from email. Similarly, the company of online shopping is also marketing itself. flipkart, snapdeal, amazon, ebay etc..

Let’s talk about a hosting company. Let’s take the example of a blogger. If you are a blogger then you have been seen in many blogs / websites that you are asked to fill out the email address, to be excited. Let’s leave the second blog and see the DeezWeb.com itself, that is, check out our website that we have put the Subscribe box in the sidebar and you have to fill in the email address.

This is a benefit to the Subscribe Box when we do new posts in our website, then who have kept or joined the email address in the Subscribe box, then they are sent to the notification direct user’s email address of the new post.

We do not do all this work ourselves, but the email marketing tool we use is automatically working on them, they do all these work. This helps us with great help from bloggers and access to new posts information in our workplace.

Email marketing is also used for many different things. facebook, twitter, google plus etc. Updates to the notification of every activity occurring in your email, such as login, likes, tag, share, follow, such notifications come to your email. You can predict that email marketing is used for how much work and it is important service.


Email marketing Advantages and Tips

I told you many things through the example and even trying to understand it, I do not think you need to tell the benefits of email marketing. But in the few tips here,

  • Promote your business You can promote your business through email marketing. You can give information about your services, products.
  • Meet your customer You can talk to direct customers from your customers, they can encourage them to buy your product.
  • Drive Traffic email marketing lets you get more traffic, visitors.
  • Add Subscribe box You must include a subscribe box in your website so that New User can also find out the new updates coming to your website.


Email marketing for bloggers Free site

Well, email marketing is very much on google but all of them have paid service. If you are running a business then you should use paid service. There is a free service for Blogger but it will not be able to use much feature.



mailchimp is an email marketing site with a professional tools. But there is limitation in free. But we can use it for general use. Such as to get subscribed.

And feedburner is the best for the Subscribe Box, it is absolutely free, this is a service of google.
Very soon mailchimp will try to post a post on how to do email marketing.

I hope you have email marketing and I also understand that if you want to share some more information regarding email marketing then contact us so that this post can be made even more helpful and people will go further. . Yes, and also our website must also subscribe to the email. So that new post information can be found.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post then tell it in comment. We hope that your valuable commute will be answered as soon as possible. And also share this post. Thank you.
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