If you are a Blogger or Digital Marketer then you will get the value of Social Media Marketing. If you do not know about this, or you are new to the internet, then you should be aware that this time is the value of social media marketing today and what it needs for a blogger or an online business man. What is the importance of this post in Social Media Marketing in this post, what is its value in Traffic and Revenue, what is its importance in this post? We will know that through this post


What is Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Social media marketing is also known as online marketing. This is part of off -Page seo. Social media marketing [SMM] is a service through which we access the information of our Product, Services, or any Information users / customer of Social Media Platform or they are visible.

Let us understand through a Live Example : – As you all go to Social Media Sites such as Facebook or Twitter. You have often seen that a social site like Facebook or Twitter might have seen Advertise or Offers, Event, in the side bar or Post in Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, or Other Online Business Related. If they click on Advertise, then we get redirected to their website or go away. Activities in the same process are called Social Media Marketing.

The main goal of SMM is to remove the User / Customer from yourself and Attracting their attention, so that they see him and buy him. These are just a matter of an online shopping website. But bloggers are also getting good traffic, visitors or good revenue through social media.


Importance Of Social Media Marketing

In today’s time, people spend time on most social networks. As far as my knowledge is, 70% people have been connected to the Internet and an Internet user spends most on Time Social Network. People on social media are active / online in millions of crores. Social media marketing is reaching a big advantage for people living online on social media. Traffic i.e. visitors are very large. This is reaching more benefits to Online Business.

Social marketing does not require much investment, but needs some time. But talking about the old times marketing was just advertising from Newspaper, Template, Posters, more people were not attracted, but since then social media marketing has been getting a lot of traffic since then. Also, Online Business has become the best source of income.


Best sites for social media marketing

Social Media has become a platform that is simply modest for anyone with access to Internet, which gives organizations the opportunity to interact with customers / users, giving them the opportunity to increase awareness of their brand. Well there are many sites for social media marketing, but there are only a few sites in my knowledge that have been shown in this way.

Facebook : – If you want to do marketing through Facebook, then Facebook is a very good option because as I mentioned above most people spend in social media, the most active / online people living on Facebook live on it. To have Facebook Marketing, you must have a brand page. Which lets create Create in Facebook Free.

Twitter : – This is also a Good Social Media Site that can be promoted to your products by typing 140 words through Twits. In this you can Promote Your Product from Ads via Twitter Business.

LinkedIn : – We think that LinkedIn is just a Resume, a Search Tool or a Portfolio Website for HR or Employees of a large company. But there is nothing like that. If you are blogging or running an online business So maybe you can give more visitors than Twitter and Facebook. By the way LinkedIn is a Professional Social Network. Tired professional work is more like this. In LinkedIn, you can create Company page and Group through which you can enhance your services professionally and promote in Visitors.

And some of these social media websites which are just like this do not need to say anything more. You can do research on your own.
Google Plus, Tumbler, Stumble Upon, Instagram, Reddit, Myspace, scoop.it etc ..


As far as I was in my knowledge, I talked about the topics of all those social media marketing and explained the problem. Maybe it’s a Professional Social Media Marketer, if you think it is different or it seems wrong, then you are requested to help us to correct this mistake and try to explain it in advance. If there is any suggestion or question related to this post, please tell us in the below comment. And share it with your friends. Thank you.