How to Create a Slogan for Your Brand ?

How to Create a Slogan for Your Brand ?

How to create a slogan for your Brand?

Difference between A Tagline & A Slogan:-

A Tagline is to represent a Business or a Company whereas Slogan is for a Single Product or is a part of an Advertising Campaign.

Tips to Create a Killer Slogan:-

  1. Keep it short & simple.
  2. Think about your target audience.
  3. Timeless.
  4. Make it Rhyme. (If Possible)
  5. Provide a reason to buy.
  6. Should create a positive image.
  7. Stay Honest.


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What is Social Media Marketing (SMM) ?

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM) ?

If you are a Blogger or Digital Marketer then you will get the value of Social Media Marketing. If you do not know about this, or you are new to the internet, then you should be aware that this time is the value of social media marketing today and what it needs for a blogger or an online business man. What is the importance of this post in Social Media Marketing in this post, what is its value in Traffic and Revenue, what is its importance in this post? We will know that through this post


What is Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Social media marketing is also known as online marketing. This is part of off -Page seo. Social media marketing [SMM] is a service through which we access the information of our Product, Services, or any Information users / customer of Social Media Platform or they are visible.

Let us understand through a Live Example : – As you all go to Social Media Sites such as Facebook or Twitter. You have often seen that a social site like Facebook or Twitter might have seen Advertise or Offers, Event, in the side bar or Post in Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, or Other Online Business Related. If they click on Advertise, then we get redirected to their website or go away. Activities in the same process are called Social Media Marketing.

The main goal of SMM is to remove the User / Customer from yourself and Attracting their attention, so that they see him and buy him. These are just a matter of an online shopping website. But bloggers are also getting good traffic, visitors or good revenue through social media.


Importance Of Social Media Marketing

In today’s time, people spend time on most social networks. As far as my knowledge is, 70% people have been connected to the Internet and an Internet user spends most on Time Social Network. People on social media are active / online in millions of crores. Social media marketing is reaching a big advantage for people living online on social media. Traffic i.e. visitors are very large. This is reaching more benefits to Online Business.

Social marketing does not require much investment, but needs some time. But talking about the old times marketing was just advertising from Newspaper, Template, Posters, more people were not attracted, but since then social media marketing has been getting a lot of traffic since then. Also, Online Business has become the best source of income.


Best sites for social media marketing

Social Media has become a platform that is simply modest for anyone with access to Internet, which gives organizations the opportunity to interact with customers / users, giving them the opportunity to increase awareness of their brand. Well there are many sites for social media marketing, but there are only a few sites in my knowledge that have been shown in this way.

Facebook : – If you want to do marketing through Facebook, then Facebook is a very good option because as I mentioned above most people spend in social media, the most active / online people living on Facebook live on it. To have Facebook Marketing, you must have a brand page. Which lets create Create in Facebook Free.

Twitter : – This is also a Good Social Media Site that can be promoted to your products by typing 140 words through Twits. In this you can Promote Your Product from Ads via Twitter Business.

LinkedIn : – We think that LinkedIn is just a Resume, a Search Tool or a Portfolio Website for HR or Employees of a large company. But there is nothing like that. If you are blogging or running an online business So maybe you can give more visitors than Twitter and Facebook. By the way LinkedIn is a Professional Social Network. Tired professional work is more like this. In LinkedIn, you can create Company page and Group through which you can enhance your services professionally and promote in Visitors.

And some of these social media websites which are just like this do not need to say anything more. You can do research on your own.
Google Plus, Tumbler, Stumble Upon, Instagram, Reddit, Myspace, etc ..


As far as I was in my knowledge, I talked about the topics of all those social media marketing and explained the problem. Maybe it’s a Professional Social Media Marketer, if you think it is different or it seems wrong, then you are requested to help us to correct this mistake and try to explain it in advance. If there is any suggestion or question related to this post, please tell us in the below comment. And share it with your friends. Thank you.

What Is Email Marketing ? Email Marketing Benefits And Tips

What Is Email Marketing ? Email Marketing Benefits And Tips

Hello guys! In the previous post we mentioned above the SERP, today we will know what is email marketing and what happens to email marketing. After all what we need it. If you want to start a new blogger or a new online business, then what benefits can you get from email marketing? We will get it today in this post.


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing directly means marketing your products or services using email or via email. That is, show market marketing is an online / digital marketing.

Email marketing is a process through which we are transporting information to our products through email. Email marketing is a form of digital marketing. Let’s explain this through an example.

Takes you to be a hosting company and you have many customer’s emails address. You have to give new updates to your customers about new offers, hosting updates. Or, something new has added to your company. So you send e-tech emails to many customers at one go, this is called email marketing. So that you do not face any problems, all the customers know about your updates in one click and you get traffic from email. Similarly, the company of online shopping is also marketing itself. flipkart, snapdeal, amazon, ebay etc..

Let’s talk about a hosting company. Let’s take the example of a blogger. If you are a blogger then you have been seen in many blogs / websites that you are asked to fill out the email address, to be excited. Let’s leave the second blog and see the itself, that is, check out our website that we have put the Subscribe box in the sidebar and you have to fill in the email address.

This is a benefit to the Subscribe Box when we do new posts in our website, then who have kept or joined the email address in the Subscribe box, then they are sent to the notification direct user’s email address of the new post.

We do not do all this work ourselves, but the email marketing tool we use is automatically working on them, they do all these work. This helps us with great help from bloggers and access to new posts information in our workplace.

Email marketing is also used for many different things. facebook, twitter, google plus etc. Updates to the notification of every activity occurring in your email, such as login, likes, tag, share, follow, such notifications come to your email. You can predict that email marketing is used for how much work and it is important service.


Email marketing Advantages and Tips

I told you many things through the example and even trying to understand it, I do not think you need to tell the benefits of email marketing. But in the few tips here,

  • Promote your business You can promote your business through email marketing. You can give information about your services, products.
  • Meet your customer You can talk to direct customers from your customers, they can encourage them to buy your product.
  • Drive Traffic email marketing lets you get more traffic, visitors.
  • Add Subscribe box You must include a subscribe box in your website so that New User can also find out the new updates coming to your website.


Email marketing for bloggers Free site

Well, email marketing is very much on google but all of them have paid service. If you are running a business then you should use paid service. There is a free service for Blogger but it will not be able to use much feature.



mailchimp is an email marketing site with a professional tools. But there is limitation in free. But we can use it for general use. Such as to get subscribed.

And feedburner is the best for the Subscribe Box, it is absolutely free, this is a service of google.
Very soon mailchimp will try to post a post on how to do email marketing.

I hope you have email marketing and I also understand that if you want to share some more information regarding email marketing then contact us so that this post can be made even more helpful and people will go further. . Yes, and also our website must also subscribe to the email. So that new post information can be found.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post then tell it in comment. We hope that your valuable commute will be answered as soon as possible. And also share this post. Thank you.
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What is SERP and How Does it Work ?

What is SERP and How Does it Work ?

Today we will know what is what is SERP. We know that there are millions of pages on the internet but only a few of us are required to do according to our search. So whenever you do some searches on Internet, then you show Search Results about it. Or we can say that whenever someone searches through a keyword on a search engine, then you find Search Results listed according to your query in Search Results. These Search Pages are also called SERP.

In this case, the importance of SERP ( Search Engine Results Pages ) increases even more Because if you are a blogger and if your content is showcased in Google’s SERP then Organic Traffic will automatically come to your blog. This will give you a very good traffic. But it is not easy to come first in the SERP because there is very much competition for it. So it is very important to know how SERP works and how we can rank our contents in SERP’s Top Pages, which will greatly increase our visibility. So today we will get complete information about what is the SERP and how it matters. Then let’s begin without delay and know about what the SERP is.


What is SERP ?

Simply put, SERP is called those Web pages that search engine shows when you search for a keyword. Major Search Engines mainly display three types of listings in their SERPs:

  1. Listings that have been indexed by Search engine spider
  2. Listings that have been Indexed by any person in the Search engine’s directory
  3. Listings who have paid for them to List in Search Engine

The SERP is Full of Form “Search Engine Results Pages”. Who do not know these Term SERP is an acronym. Whenever you do a Google query create then look at the pages you search results that are SERP.

Your Rank SERP which it Page Rank is also called. So obvious thing is if your Page Rank high then automatically he will Show in Pages first Search results. And which on its own will come more people to your website and will increase impression on your site. Statistics of these have been found to be more than 75% of people do not go beyond Search The time First Page. So much becomes necessary for a legitimate thing to come on the First Page.


Search Engine Results Pages : What It Is and How It Works

Search Engine Result Pages are web pages that serve users when they search something online, with the help of Google like Search Engine. When users enter their Search query (where they primarily use specific term or phrases, which are also called keywords), in which Search Engine provides them SERP.

All SERPs are unique, even if they are not used in the same search engine, by using similar keywords and search queries. That’s because all Search engines virtually present their results according to their user experience. Which depends on many factors such as User’s Physical Location, browsing history and Social Settings. Two SERPs can look identical, but they both have a difference.

SERPs are constantly changing because search engines like Google, Bing and other Search Engines providers try to provide even better results to their users. They constantly change their Search Technology so today’s SERPs are very different from their former SERP.


Organic Results

SERPs consist mainly of two types of content – “Organic” results and paid results. Organic Results are those web pages that appear according to the Search Engine’s Algorithms. SEO Professionals who specialize in optimizing web content and have a great hand in ranking the website, they work more on these organic results.

Some SERPs show more organic results than others, because that is because different searches have different intentions. There are mainly three primary types of Internet Search :

  1. Informational
  2. Navigational
  3. Transnational

Informational searches

Those searches are called where the user thinks they will get information on any topic. There is no point in putting ads in this type of SERP because they are low commercial intent. Here people will not come to buy anything.

Navigational queries

Tell them where users want to locate a particular website through their search. In this case, it may be possible that the user does not know the exact URL of any website and he is trying to scudded it from Search.


Transnational Searches

They are called where Paid results are mainly displayed in SERP. Transnational searches are of high commercial intent and in some search terms such as “buy”, it is quite certain that it creates a desire to buy something in the minds of users.


Paid Results

Contrary to Organic Results, the results of paid results in paid search results are given by Advertisers. If we talked about earlier then Paid Results used to be quite small, mainly used to be text based ads. Which are displayed above the organic results.

Therefore, the use of paid results can only be done by those who have money available for investment. These are very costly compared to organic results.


SERP’s Popular Features

Here you will be discussing some of the very popular features of SERP with people about which you may have been unaware of yet. So let us know about them well.

Adwords (Bottom)

Description : Traditional Adwords ads come in many types, but the most common type of all these are those which are displayed in the Top and Bottom, Top and Bottom Organic Results of Left-hand column. All ads are next to the Colored Label.

Obtainability : Ads are ranked primarily how relevant they are and how useful they are for those who are searching for them. It depends on just a few reasons.

Adwords (Top)

Description : Traditional Adwords ads come in many types, but the most common type of all these are those which are displayed in the Top and Bottom, Top and Bottom Organic Results of Left-hand column. All ads are next to the Colored Label.

Obtainability : Ads are ranked primarily how relevant they are and how useful they are for those who are searching for them. It depends on just a few reasons.


Featured Snippet

Description : Whenever Google requires a question and does not have the core knowledge graph, then he tries to find the same answer in the index. This is done by preparing the result of a special class of Organic result, where information from main target page is present and present.

High CTRs of Featured Snippets are compared to regular organic results.

Obtainability : Featured Snippets, often spaced everywhere:

  • It usually remains at the first page of the SERP
  • It is often extracted from the main page, which correctly answers the query from anyone
  • It holds more importance for those pages which have already been ranked in 1-5 of any Search query.


Image Pack

Description: Images Packs are called results that show up on the horizontal row of an image link, and if you click on it you will get Google Image Search. Images Packs can appear in any Organic Position.

Obtainability: Image Packs are called special results which only appear when a particular search is searched and visual content is the most valuable. They use Ranking rules more than Core organic algorithm.

With Image Content, it is recommended that some best practices also be followed, such as:

  1. Descriptive file name
  2. Descriptive alt text
  3. Human-readable URL
  4. Optimized image size
  5. Title attribute included


In-Depth Article

Description : For any broad and ambiguous terms, Google blocks a “in-depth” article, which is almost indistinguishable compared to organic results. They follow different ranking rules, which are different from the core organic results and are dominated by large publishers. Every block has three articles and which occupies an organic position.

Obtainability : Mainly winning in-depth articles exclusively large and high authoritative publishers. Those who have certain specializations:

  1. long-form content (2000-5000 words)
  2. Schema article markup
  3. Authorship Markup
  4. Unique, high-quality writing


Knowledge Card

Description : Knowledge Cards (which are part of the Knowledge Graph) make a very big ground cover, from semantic data human-edited sources to semantic data which is extracted from Google Index, and private data partnership too.

These are mainly appearing in top of SERP in Desktop Search.

Obtainability : All Knowledge Card results are either based on Human-edited data or they appear on the results of data agreements with partners. For this reason appearing in the Knowledge Card is very funny for any site.

It is very important to know which keywords have been affected by the Knowledge Graph, because knowing this will enable us to prioritize the keywords, with the help of knowing how Google entity stores the data.


Knowledge Panel

Description : As soon as Knowledge Panels (aka Knowledge Graph) Knowledge Cards, the semantic data is extracted from many sources such as human-edited sources such as Wiki Data, along with which the data is extracted from Google index and its As well as private data partnerships.

These are mainly appearing in the right of SERP in Desktop Search.

Obtainability : All Knowledge Panel results are either based on Human-edited data or they appear on the results of data agreements with partners. For this reason, appearing in the Knowledge Panel is very funny for any site.

It is very important to know which keywords have been affected by the Knowledge Graph, because knowing this will enable us to prioritize the keywords, with the help of knowing how Google entity stores the data.


Local Pack

Description : The keywords which Google thinks of having Local Intent in them are SERP always contained in a Local Pack where the three most important physical locations selected by Google are kept.
This feature always dominates the SERP in Mobile.

Obtainability : Local SEO has changed a lot in the past few years and just local features are evolve very soon. If you have a local business, then you also need to be familiar with Google’s Local Space.


Local Teaser Pack

Description : As soon as a local pack, a local business result of a three pack is shown which is shown in the map, along with some additional information such as opening hours, reviews, images etc.

Obtainability : Local SEO has changed a lot in the past few years and just local features are evolve very soon. If you have a local business, then you have to get familiar with Google’s local space soon.


News Box

Description : Time-sensitive and newsworthy topics can generate a block of results through Google News. Since the “in the news” update has come in 2014, many sites have been able to rank in the news block since then.

Obtainability : Finding results from Google News is a very different process that is very different from Organic results.


Related Questions

Description : Related questions show cards algorithmically – generated questions that Google thinks are related to Search. All questions seem to expand as if they are a feature snippet. Related questions are mixed with Organic Results and their location may vary in SERP.

Obtainability : Related Questions It may seem like they are related to Featured Snippets in some way. In most cases:

  1. Related question is also called keywords with Featured snippets
  2. Who is the winner in Featured Snippet, the related question is also called winner
    By winning in the related question, you may see a small CTR bumps. But Related Questions helps us find the Featured Snippet keyword opportunities.



Description : Review stars and rating data are sometimes displayed for products, recipes, and other relevant items too. Review / rating data is always shown in the Destination URL and Snippet.

Results which have a higher rating, have a higher CTR.

Obtainability : Google Rules on which the Stars depend on the results in the results has not been published yet, and they differ according to the industry. But at least it is necessary to be in the page of Schema Markup for review.


Shopping Results

Description : Paid Shopping results or Product Listing Ads (PLAs) that are used are directly for selling products, they are very rich information such as images and pricing.

Obtainability : As soon as Adwords, Shopping is also a Paid Placement.

Whether you are in a Paid search business or not, but this is a very good thing to know about when you are competing with Paid Resulst for Organic results.


Site Links

Description : Google always displays the 10 pack of 10 site links while searching for any exact domain. In this full pack, 5 organic positions that dominate in SERP remain intact.

Site Links can help your site in something like this:

  1. Generating High CTR from SERP
  2. By reaching users as soon as possible to their needs

Obtainability : The three main reasons that drive the site links to appear in the SERP:

  1. Type of query – Site Links which appear on main branded terms
  2. Site traffic – Site links which are mainly appearing in large branded sites with high traffic
  3. Applying Search Action anchor markup to your site



Description : From 2015, Google has started displaying Tweets directly in SERP, which is mixed with organic results and displayed. Unlike Google+ results, Twitter does not have any effect on personalization.

Obtainability : Twitter’s results are not organic in general sense, but they raise the visibility of any brand in SERP.



Description : thumbnail is displayed in Video results (especially YouTube). They used to be the first true vertical but they seem to be more organic growth.

Obtainability :  Video results appear only for a few keywords. It is very important to have video schema markup at least in the page.


By now you have come to understand what SERP is and how it works. So, if you have a website or a blog, then how important is it to get into the top page of SERP? I sincerely hope that I gave you complete information about what SERP people do and how it works and I hope you guys have understood about SERP. I am convinced of all the readers that you too share this information with your neighbors, relatives, friends, so that we will be aware of our interactions and this will greatly benefit everyone. I need you people’s support so that I can bring you even more new information.

My always try is to do that I always help my readers or readers on every side, if you have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me unexpectedly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. Please tell us how you think this article is SERP and how it works, so let us know how to learn something from your thoughts and improve it.


What is Google Trends and How is it Beneficial for Blogging ?

What is Google Trends and How is it Beneficial for Blogging ?

Do you know what Google Trends is (What is Google Trends) If we do not know what our work comes out. So today I will tell you how Google Trends is very beneficial for blogging. When we write a post for our blog, we do keyword research before that. Keyword researches are searched by keywords that are more searched by people. And try to give people the same information as they want. Google Trends helps us learn similar keywords. Next we will learn how Google Trends works.


What is Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that records every change that happens over time and Show us as a graph These tools also tell us about the number of times the keywords have been searched by which people have searched for. This helps us to know whether we will benefit from using that keyword. In this way, this is a very unique tool that tells about the changes that happen over time.


What does Trends mean?

Yes you understood right! When people like something more then at that time that thing is called trending. And it varies with time.

You must have heard of this idiom.

“Change is the Rule of Nature”

Some keywords are such that its importance decreases over time, and the traffic also becomes evenly negligible. So from Google Trends, we can also compare keywords to which keyword is better. Along with this it is also clear which traffic will remain in the post using which keyword. Writing a post does not mean that it is written and then left forever. We should keep updating it over time and at that time whatever keyword trend should be attempted to implement it if it is relevant.

Google Trends records every hour’s search. And how much the keyword search has decreased and how much is increased. When you look at Google Trends, it will show you the performance of any keyword in the time-period as per your wish.


Establishment Of Google Trends

As the name suggests, Google Trends is a service launched by Google platform. First of all, it started Google in the name of Google Insights for Search on 5 August 2008. December 27, 2012 Google has made Google Trends by changing Google Insights. Google Trends tells us the whole information about search keywords in Google, category wise. In this way people associated with every niche can easily find the trend of their Target keyword.


How Google Trends Works

There are so many tools that you use for SEO (search engine optimization). Some of these tools are free while some are paid. If you spend some time researching keywords in those tools, then you will be able to find out how Google Trends works.

First of all, you understand that the keywords that you remove in the paid tools or you find the competitor keyword also show all the data based on trend, search volume and competition.

Google Trends will provide a complete keyword keyword information from 2004 to just one hour ago. It shows all the information through a graph. You put your target keyword in the search query box in it. Select any country you want to check on keyword trends. In this, you have to take a Time-Period to see how long you want to see the trends in the form of graph.

Next, you select the category of keywords. After that, web search means that the image, news, shopping, YouTube, select which platforms you want to see the results. This will show you the fluctuation in the graph in that specific time-period as a result. With this, it will also show related topics and related queries.

Google Trends additionally gives another feature so that you can compare between 2 or more keywords and show them in the graph simultaneously. All the keywords will have different lines. And also the color of the line of each keyword will be different. So in this way you can know the full history of any keyword.

Note : The popularity of a keyword between 0 to 100 in numbers. If 0, then that means that the popularity of that keyword is a lot of work. In the popularity of 50’s, she comes in the middle and 100 means that her most popular is that she has her popularity in the peak.


Benefits of Google Trends Tool

These tools greatly benefit every blogger and website owner. The purpose of creating a blog or website is to make it accessible to more people. Why will the popularity of the blog be increased where people will be? Also the revenue will increase.

So lets know what the benefits of Google Trends are that are important for all bloggers.


Keyword Comparison

Compare keywords from Google Trends. This allows you to choose the best keyword for your business or blog. In this you can see which of the different keywords of the same topic is being searched the most. And also by looking at the previous trends of it, it will also be known that in the first and the last, there is the highest level of ascendance.


Interest by Region and Sub Region

People in every corner of the world whose choices are different according to their location. If you wish, you can easily find their interest with this tool. Suppose you want to get traffic from US, UK, then you have to know what is going on in trending in the people there. Then you can choose the best keyword that the people there search the most. Now you can write a post with high quality content based on keyword. If you specialize in Search Engine Optimization then you can bring heavy traffic to your blog from there.


Real Time Data

These tools track real time data according to time, which is very beneficial for your business. This shows what is being liked today.


Best Content creation

It also benefits from the Google Trends tool that helps write better and high quality content. From here, you can write high quality content on topics that are preferred among people using the best keywords. And when the content is of high quality then the traffic will definitely come.

Friends, this tool is the solution to every problem of our keyword research. There are countless advantages of using it. Which helps to increase the blog and website’s popularity. It can be time to start using it and knowing things. But if you master it then you will become even stronger in S.E.O.



Friends, what do you think about Google Trends. I hope you find this post really good. Now you must have understood how the Google trends tool works. With this we have also understood that what are the advantages of this.

Friends, if you find this post beneficial, then share it with your other blogger friends too. So that they can also help in finding related keywords from trending topics. Make sure to share this post with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as much as possible with your friends.

What Is Digital Marketing And Why Is It Important For Your Business?

What Is Digital Marketing And Why Is It Important For Your Business?

As we know that this era is of digital. In this case if you do not know what is Digital Marketing, then maybe you might be a little behind. I am saying this because we have to walk with our changing age, otherwise we will be left behind. And this thing applies in business too. The days went by when people used to go home and talk about their things, this kind of strategy is not like a masculism to walk on today’s roles. Because it is a waste of time and it is almost impossible to reach so many people in such a short time.

In such a great way Digital Marketing has a great way to market your products. Through which companies can reach close to their targeted customers in very short time. If we talk about the past few years, we will find that the nature of advertisements has changed quite a bit. Earlier, people used to run their advertisements at a place where most people were seen, such as TV advertisements, radio and all the methods were implemented. But this thing is no longer effective because in today’s era, if you get the maximum number of people, then the place is Social Media or Internet. In such a situation, if you have to reach your advertising to millions of people at once, then you have to leave the traditional traditional marketing funds and move towards Digital Marketing.

That’s why I thought today why you should be given information in detail about Digital Marketing so that you can also know about this new Concept Digital Marketing. Then let’s start delaying and know what exactly is this digital marketing and how it works.


What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a term of two words : Digital and Marketing, Digital is here with the Internet and Marketing is related to advertising. I mean to say that this is a way in which companies do marketing their products through electronic media, which is quite different from the traditional way. Here digital marketers have to experiment different marketing campaigns and sell them to sell a company’s product. They have to analyze these marketing campaigns how people like things more and who do not.

They also have to see that people see some kind of things, they attract more attention to their attention, and seeing what things they buy things. In order to do these digital campaingn, they use other digital media such as mobile messages, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards and radio channels.

So what I mean to say is that digital marketing is similar to a large umbrella within which all our online efforts are endured. This digital business is mainly used by Google Search, Social Media, email and other websites, to connect with as many people as possible. The reality is that nowadays people spend most of the time online than the first time. That’s why even now the business model has changed to a great extent, so now people of offline marketing are not using much, but now <strong> Online Marketing </ strong> is proving to be more effective. Because now it is true that marketing is the right way to connect with the right audience in the right place and in the right time. So you have to think about where you can meet these people so that you can grow your business. And the answer is online.


Why digital marketing is so important

Now it comes to the fact that why this digital marketing is so important. So, I want to tell you that today’s Digital Media is so much open that today everyone has many sources of information. They can get any information at any time and in any place. Now the days are not there when they depend on text messages and they could see the same thing about which marketers gave them information. As this digital media is increasing day by day, it has more entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction. Nowadays, Consumers are not only listening to the company’s words but they are also identifying the good and the bad themselves and collecting information from others as well.

Nowadays, they want to trust a brand in which they can trust, understand their needs of companies, and show them the things they need to buy that they can buy later. They are not interested in the show spoilers. They should have brands that they can trust, and who live up to their expectations.


Challenges that have to withstand digital marketers

1. multi use of Digital Channels
Consumers use many digital channels in their different devices in different ways, for which they have to use different protocols, specifications and interfaces. So it is not possible to interact with them in the favor of digital marketers.

2. Increasing intensity of competition
Digital channels are much cheaper than other traditional media, which makes it easy for people of any business size to use them. So now it is not so easy to get consumer attention.

3. Increasing Data volumes
At the end of any digital channel, consumers lose a lot of data behind. It is very difficult to handle these data. Finding the right data with it is also a very big challenge from those data volumes.


Digital Marketing What are the main Assets and Tactics?

Here we will learn about some of the properties and tactics of Digital Marketing, which you may know. Assets of Digital Marketing

  • Your website
  • Your blog posts
  • E books and whitepapers
  • Info-graphics
  • Interactive tools
  • Social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Earned online coverage (PR, social media, and reviews)
  • Online brochures and look books
  • Branding assets (logos, fonts, etc.)


Digital Marketing and Tactics


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a process by which the website is optimized, so that it can be a good and better rank, which is good on the Organic Traffic website itself. With this show also the first of the Search Result.

Content Marketing

The creation and promotion of Content Assets, which can lead to brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a ‘full-funnel’ approach in which the use of online content is used to attract, convert, closing, and finally delight its customers.

Social Media Marketing

In this marketing, your brand and your content are promoted in the Social Media Channel, which will lead to brand awareness, drive traffic, and leads.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This is a method that drives traffic to your website, in which you have to pay your publisher money if your ads are clicked. A very popular PPC is Google AdWords.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a performance-based advertisement in which you get commission if you are promoting any other’s products and services in your website.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is called advertisements which are primarily content-led and which are featured in another platform with any non-paid content. BuzzFeed’s sponsored posts are a good example of this kind of advertise.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is called in which software or any other tool is used for Marketing Promotion. So that some of the repetitive tasks such as email, social media, and other website actions are automated.

Email Marketing

Companies use email marketing to interact with their audience. Email is used to promote content, discounts and events.

Online PR

Online PR is a way to use online coverage to protect digital publication, blogs, and other content-based websites. These are similar to traditional PR but just in the online space.


Is Digital Marketing Used in All Business? B2B and B2C?

Digital marketing works in any business and in any industry. Whether your company is selling anything, with the help of digital marketing, you can understand your Consumer, understand their needs and ultimately create Online Content as per their need.

For B2B
If your company is B2B, then the main work in your digital marketing will be with online lead generation, in which you have to talk to a salesperson. For this reason, your marketing strategy should be something that will get as many quality leads as possible through your website and through support digital channels for your salesperson.

For B2C
If your company is B2C, then the main task in your digital marketing will be to bring more and more people to your website and make them your customer without requiring a salesperson. This is why you need to focus more on Lead generation. But you should be more focused on any buyer, which he can easily migrate from here in your website and finally buy your own.

This is why channels for B2C companies like Instagram and Pinterest are more valuable than business-focused platforms linked to LinkedIn. (For this reason, B2C companies are more valuable to Instagram and Pinterest as channels for the business-focused platforms LinkedIn.)


What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

In comparison to any other offline marketing methods, marketers can see exact results in real time from marketers. If you have ever advertised in a newspaper, then you must know that how difficult it is to say that how many people have actually seen your advertisement. It is also not possible to know this. This can be done easily and accurately in digital marketing.

Here I will try to explain to you people by giving similar examples.

Website Traffic

With the help of Digital Marketing, it is quite easy to know how many people have seen your given ads, in this work, we can use any digital analytics software. You can also know from which source the most traffic comes to your website and you can work accordingly.

Content Performance and Lead Generation

Here you can think if you have created a product Brochure and sent it to people’s letter boxes. So here you will face the same problem and once you do not know how many people have seen your product Brochure open and many do not.
Here if you had a Brochure in a website, you can easily see how many people have opened and read your Brochure. Here you can learn all these things well.

Attribution Modeling

This is a very great and effective way in which you have to use the right tools and technology so that you can trace all the actions of your customers. This is why we call attribute modelling because it allows us to know what is the attribution trend, in what way people are researching a product. With this you can know that you need to work harder in the area and why. This will increase your sales to a great extent.


What types of content would be right?

What type of content will you make depends on the needs of your audience, which is what they need in different stages. You must understand the goals and challenges of your audience, how they are related to your business. Your goal should be to help you with your online content crossing their challenges in the basic level.

Here you want to tell people about some of the important things that you can know about the mindset of a buyer. Here you will tell people about some stages, which is very important for you to know about.


Awareness Stage

Blog posts
It is very important to increase your organic traffic. If it is paired with Strong SEO and the keyword strategy, then it can prove to be very helpful.

These are very shareable, which means that you have more opportunities in social media that people share this type of content more.

Short videos
Again, these are very shareable content which can be used to give more space to your brand if it is given in a platform like YouTube.


Consideration Stage

E books
This is a great way to get lead generation as it is very much more comprehensive than blog post or info-graphic, which means any visitor can give you your contact information in exchange.

Research reports
These are very high value content pieces, which are very useful for lead generation. Research reports and new data are very important to your industry because they often choose media and press.

These are very detailed, interactive forms, for any video content, webinars are a very effective consideration stage content format because it is a very comprehensive content compared to a blog post or short video.


Decision Stage

Case studies
If a detailed case study of your website is created then it is effective form of content for your buyer because it has a positive effect in their decision.

If case studies do not fit your business properly then short testimonials for your website is a better alternative. This will help people to know about your website and its products in a comprehensive way.


I sincerely hope that I gave you full information about what is Digital Marketing and I hope you guys have understood about Digital Marketing. I am convinced of all the readers that you too share this information with your neighbors, relatives, your friends, so that we will be aware of our interactions and will all benefit from it. I need people’s support from you so that I can bring you even more new information.

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